New Journal setup service using Open Journal System (OJS 3)

Many Researchers/Professors or Publication houses are willing to start their own Journal to contribute to their country's research & knowledge. But still they are facing difficulties in setting up Journals.You know why? Because of these reasons :

  • Lack of knowledge in utilization available open source journal management system
  • Scattered information on new Journal setup
  • The guideline published from various indexers (for indexing of journals) or regional research body (to get authenticity) is not simplified
  • Have to pay hefty amounts to start new journal and maintain it

We at OJSCloud believe that :

Technology must be affordable, easily accessible and should create values for society.”

With this belief we came up with a bunch of services and technology for the Journal Management System. Here are the services we came up to become one stop solution to start your own Journal.

One stop services for Journal Management System

  • Help you setup Journal
  • Help you get initial papers to apply and get ISSN for Journal
  • Affordable Advanced Journal hosting which makes you worry free about security, indexing of journal and updates to your Journal websites
  • Most affordable pay as you go Editorial services to manage your Journal back office process
  • Close support as your own team to guide you starting to deployment of Journal

To fulfill above services with keeping our belief in mind, we came up with an open source journal management system called - Open Journal System (OJS).

What is the Open Journal System (OJS)?

The Open Journal Systems (OJS) created by the Public Knowledge Project (or known as OJS PKP) is an open source journal management system released under the open source GPL v2 license for managing and publishing scholarly journals. It was developed by PKP in 2001 to improve access to research which later became the most widely used open source journal management system with over 10,000 journals using it worldwide.

Why Open Journal System (OJS) ?

  • Open source Journal management system which allows you to customize it any level
  • Mobile Responsive frontend with the selection of free OJS themes or customise design as needed
  • Most easiest editorial workflow of Open Journal System is widely accepted due to its flexibility and configurable approach
  • Online submission submission of paper and management of all papers
  • Integrated with scholarly publishing services such as Crossref, ORCiD, and DOAJ
  • Highly Recommended by Google Scholar for ease of indexing of journals and discoverability
  • Supported by rich community
  • Multilingual Journal setup with translated over 30 languages
  • Easy to understand user guides and tutorial videos available

Why OJSCloud for Open Journal System

The main reason to choose us for your Journal website is - We know your pain and cure of it very well. With a decade of mixed experiences in the information technologies & publication industry help us create the offerings which are unique, reliable, affordable and authentic for the Journal owners.

  • Setup Journal in days not months with close support to get ISSN for Journal
  • Utilization of modern edge open source technologies to lower customer cost
  • OJS Hosting with advanced cloud servers which makes you worry free about OJS updates, OJS security, Indexing of Journals and many more.
  • We are one of Trendsetter to give new look to Journals with Free OJS Themes for your OJS websites
  • Proficient in customizing OJS and plugin development for the OJS websites to achieve the functionality beyond its limitations.
  • Coming soon with value added services like Plagiarism checking, access to reviewer network and much more

We have a proven process for starting your own journal. It is just a 4 step process as presented below.

New Journal Setup FAQ

Journal is a kind of magazine that consists of scholarly research articles. It can be in an online form as well as printed form.

It can be termed a “periodical” or “serial”.

It can be published monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Each copy is called an issue and the set of issues is called volume (represents the time frame like a year). All issues and volumes follow the sequence number.

It is the well-formated documentation of the research work. Such research is carried out by professors, scientists, academicians, etc. Usually, these research articles are published in journals or presented at conferences and read/listened to by the relevant audience.

Research articles are used for deriving knowledge or for facts finding for some specific topic. It is used as a reference for future research elevation in the concerned area.